Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Book of Mormon

I spoke to dad a month or so ago, lamenting over my inability to converse in Spanish.  I had explained that I could read and write Spanish and I am doing well in that area (still getting an A).  My hangup is actually having a conversation.  Even worse are the questions directed to me by the professor - I draw a complete blank and I know I have a vacant expression on my face every time.

I have even shared my distress with the professor, further explaining that as soon as he diverts his attention my brain turns back on and I know exactly what he said and can answer - just a minor problem... :)

During the conversation with dad I had mentioned improving my Spanish by reading The Book of Mormon.  Dad's suggestion was to read it out loud so that I could hear each word - making sure that I was pronouncing the words correctly.  He stated that if I did this my ability to have a conversation would improve.

I shared this information with Professor Sovich and he stated that it was an excellent idea and further explained why it works.  :)

We had a couple of Spanish copies of The Book of Mormon at one time and I looked for them.  When I couldn't find them, Victor shared with me that he had given them away to a couple of co-workers.  I shared with Victor why I was looking for a Spanish edition of The Book of Mormon.

Last Sunday Victor spoke to the Bishop and obtained two copies.  He was very happy to help me with my problem.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I was thinking about Spanish class and my concern with speaking and remembered that we had two copies of the Book of Mormon.  Before I left to pick up the kids from seminary I grabbed one of the copies with the intent to read while waiting for them to be dismissed.

As I sat in the car reading out loud I realized how much I really understood.  I was overwhelmed by this realization.  I also experienced a profound awaking moment due to the colorful Spanish expressions.  There are some words in Spanish that don't translate well into English and vice versa.  My mind was opened to another level of understanding of those verses that I have read a hundred times.  I understand why the latin culture embraces the gospel and The Book of Mormon so quickly - it is those words and phrases that pour off the pages.  The beautiful imagery of a romance language adds a depth to the gospel that we sometimes miss when reading the same scriptures in English.

Thanks Dad!  :)

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Anonymous said...

:) I have had the same experience...It's scary speaking another language! I love Spanish. Jeremy and I were reading the Spanish Book of Mormon for a while, but have gotten out of the habit. I am glad you are having a good time, and I hope you can gain some confidence in your ability to speak Spanish!