Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It rained most of the day yesterday and it was cold in the morning when I took Evan to Seminary.  It was 47 degrees!  :)

This morning at 5:55 a.m. Evan and I climbed into the refrigerator and pushed the button to convert it to an incubator.  Evan promptly checked the temperature and it was 37 degrees!  There was ice on the windshield!

Evan and I sat in the car for a few minutes while it warmed up and watched the ice flake off as the wipers scraped away.  We could hear the giant fans in the strawberry fields going - a sure sign that early in the morning there was a frost warning.

I dropped off Evan at the church and returned home to finish getting ready for work and to make sure that the girls were up and getting ready for school.  I was quite certain that the mountains had snow on them, but wouldn't know until the sun was higher in the sky.

I left the house again at 6:45 - still 37 degrees!  I looked to the mountains and they were covered with snow.  The radio announcer was listing off road closures due to snow and ice.  How exciting!  It really feels like winter and Christmas!  :)

I picked up Evan, Jonathan and Jasmine from seminary and on the return home I pointed out the snow and then noticed how low it was on the mountains.  I was astonished that even the smallest mountain had snow on it's peak.  It was amazing. I don't think I have seen snow so close and so low on the mountains.

The morning walk at work was just as cold as the pre-dawn and Michelle and I were blasted by wind from the mountains.  Memories of cold winters in Indiana danced a wild dervish in my head. 

I noticed that it was getting colder and that the animals were responding to the temperature changes.  The horses have thicker longer coats and they have a little bit of a curl.

The huskies look like giant puff balls (when the spring comes my house will be full of miniature husky puff balls - not a mess I am looking forward to).

Winter has definitely arrived!

On the upside, it will be over 50 tomorrow with the sun shining brightly.


Anonymous said...

Brrr...I WISH it was 37 degrees here...it was a chilly 18 degrees at lunch time.
I miss California Christmases! You guys gonna go play in the snow?

Trillium said...

A visit to the beach on Christmas day is one of my favorite memories. :)

Katscratchme said...

When walking into Walmart the other day, Audrey slipped on the slush accumulating at the entrance. Her butt had a nasty wet, black smear all through our shopping trip. After washing the pants (pink fuzzy), there is still a small grey spot. Yay... memories.

Rebecca said...

the snow has already started melting. Another month and the snow should stick. We take at least one trip to the mountains to play in the snow each winter.

Trillium said...

During the 12 years I lived in Minnesota, I figured out that people who actually like the snow and the cold are insane. When we lived in Simi, I loved winter because it was far away on a mountain top. If it actually came closer, it only last a week or so, so it was OK. But Minnesota and Indiana winters are in-your-face nasty! UGH!