Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is my favorite time of year!  I love December so much.  I get excited for Christmas and having hot choclate and apple cider.

Yesterday morning at work I was busy turning on my computer and organizing my work when I glanced up and noticed my calendar.  I jumped up and cheered:  "Yeah!"  and then squeaked out an "Oh!"  I moved so quickly and with great excitement that my cubicle neighbor jumped in her seat startled.  I am normally very quiet and so is she - so quiet that we often peak into each other's cubicles to see if any one is there.

She started laughing and asked me what the excitement was.  I stated:  "It's December!  I am so excited!"

She smiled at me and then asked:  "What are you doing?"

"I am changing my calendar."

Janet, from the cubicle in front of me says:  "Oh, ya...  I need to switch my calendar."

Lorine, my neighbor says:  "Me too... oh... December is very pretty..."  She was looking at her picture for December.  We all have the same calendar.  It is an Avon calendar with a picture of a white poinsettia for December.

For years Victor has complained about my excitement - usually because I start pulling the Christmas decorations down when I put the Halloween decorations away.  I have had to supress the need to decorate until after Thanksgiving and we started a tradition of decorating the weekend of Thanksgiving (sound familiar?)  Well, this year we had Thanksgiving at our home and invited Victor's family and the missionaries.  All of our children were present - making it possible to start decorating.  This did not happen...  not sure why... maybe because I have been so busy with school I just wanted to rest.

I rested all weekend.  I did nothing Friday night.  I did nothing Saturday.  I did nothing Sunday.

During the weekend Victor asks me about decorating the house for Christmas.  I told him that it is too hard for me to get the decorations down from the attic.  I suggested that when the boys come over they could pull the decorations down...

Monday after Orchestra Victor asks me again about decorating the house...  I said:  "Well maybe this weekend."

Tuesday after Spanish class Victor asks me once again about decorating the house.  I reminded him that he and the boys are going camping on Friday so it probably won't happen this weekend.

This morning as I was returning to the church to pick Evan up from Seminary Victor calls.  He asks me if I had seen the full moon this morning.  I told him that I saw it peaking through the clouds...

I asked him what they were doing for scouts this evening...  He said that when they got home tonight they would have to pull down the camping gear from the attic and get it cleaned up for the camp out.  He then said:  "I'll have the boys pull down the Christmas decorations too so that you can decorate."

I have a feeling that Victor wants me to decorate for Christmas.  :)

I guess my plans for Friday evening and Saturday are to decorate the house while the boys are gone... :)

We'll see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

I am always excited to decorate for Christmas! We put our tree up a week before Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, Eva thought the red plastic icicles were candy and bit the ends off a bunch of them, so now our tree is naked except for lights. :D
Have fun this weekend! I am sure your family will be ecstatic with the new decorations!

Trillium said...

Thanks to Emily and Ben, we have a lovely decorated tree in the livingroom and a wreath on the door! It happened on December 1st!

Katscratchme said...

I adore Christmas decorating. I have a couple of items down in our room, and like Mom said, we put up the tree and wreath. According to Ben, we'll be putting up the garland as soon as we're not too busy being sick like I was last night.