Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

I'm so excited!  I love Christmas!  I love the decorations and mine are finally up!  I will send pictures tonight!

Any way, Victor asked me what we had planned for Christmas dinner the other day.  I replied "I don't want to make Christmas dinner.  I am left with a messy kitchen and a bunch of overstuffed family members who won't clean up afterwards."

Victor's mother was standing in the same room listening to the conversation (she likes to hear what Victor and I talk about - we sometimes stop talking until she leaves... ) so I said:  "Maybe we should just have Albondegas.  It is something nice and warm to eat and the kids love it!"

Victor turns to his mother and says "How does that sound to you?"

Lucy says "I can make that.  What else are we going to have?"

Victor says "I can make Chile Verde."

Inside I am laughing.  I don't have to cook for Christmas for the first time in forever and the mess after this type of cooking is minimal.  At some point someone is going to figure out that we haven't planned breakfast or lunch.


Anonymous said...

Cold cereal and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. That works, right?

Katscratchme said...

You could always do what Mom does and just serve meatballs all day long. :)