Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well I have been back to work since Tuesday and have been trying to work without a voice.

It has been kind of liberating.  The phone is ringing off the hook and rolling into voice mail.  I check it every hour or so and then send e-mails to my stores in response.

My co-workers find it extremely entertaining when I try to whisper loud enough to be heard and then I start coughing.  One remarkable side effect is the great attention that I am being given.  Usually there is gibing going on during dept meetings and only half of what I say is heard or even acknowledged.  The last couple days everyone leans in and listens intently.  I feel so special.  It is so nice to be heard!!! :)

Any way, I fear that I have lost my voice for good.  I don't want to try talking because it is sometimes painful and other times it is just irritating.

When I am home the kids continue to ask open ended questions - which I can't answer.  I just look at them an blink.

Funny - Victor had the TV on MUTE last night with captioning.  I sat there thinking "You know, I'm not deaf.  I can still hear.  My voice just doesn't work."  I think he was trying to use the remote control to fix my voice... :) 

KIDS:  remember, just because you saw it on TV doesn't mean it is real or that you should attempt any of the stunts.  Adam Sandler is such a good actor and his fancy remote use to fast forward in life and to mute out arguments was just a story.  YOUR universal remote control only works on the media equipment in your house.


Anonymous said...

Awww...I am sorry you lost your voice! I think you gave it to Jeremy (the sickness, not your voice), but luckily for us we have some drugs from the last time we had laryngitis.
I hope you feel better soon!

Trillium said...

When everyone else starts whispering in response to your whispers--silence is indeed golden!