Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Victor was in the backyard yesterday when I got home from work.

He had already been home for a while fixing the chain link fence. 

Sampson has been in the neighbors backyard every day this week.  He had smashed the chain link fence down and could easily hop over it.  He likes the grass on the other side and was making a very efficient lawn mower.

The nice thing is that the neighbor didn't mind.  Very old neighbors who divided their back yard so they didn't have to mow the whole thing.  There is a very lush jungle in their back half.

I visited with Victor while he was working on the last bit of the mending.  Sampson was a little concerned about the availability of grass and kept pacing along the fence.  He will have to settle for our yard.  :)

The horses were happy to see me.  I haven't been out to see them for a couple of weeks due to the bad weather.  I don't enjoy the cold or wet and I especially hate the mud.  I received lots of love from the horses and Spice kept on talking to me while I was out there.

I can't wait until it warms up and the ground is dry.  I will be able to spend more time with the horses.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, horsies!

P.S. Jeremy just said, "Should she have said, "I can't wait til it warms up and I will be able to spend more time with the KIDS?""
"No," I replied. "The kids don't live in the backyard." Ha ha ha! Well, I thought it was funny...