Monday, February 22, 2010


The weekends are very difficult for me when it comes to sticking with a "Lose Weight Look Great!" plan.

I took the girls to see "Percy Jackson..." Friday night while Victor and the boys went on an overnight scout campout.  Allisa pursuaded me to buy a tub of popcorn; three icees; sour patch kids; and a package of twizzlers.

We watched the movie and consumed the junk.  However, after about one handful of popcorn and three twizler twists I thought I was going to barf.  We came home with an almost full tub of popcorn which we gave to the chickens.

The next day I was back on track until Victor and the boys came home.  We had errands to run and we were out during the lunch hour.  I was very hungry and starting to get a headache.  We stopped at Wendy's and I order the 10 piece chicken with honey mustard sauce.

The rest of the day I stayed on track.

For Sunday dinner I had roasted a ham and prepared brocoli; carrots and califlower in one pot and then prepared new potatoes in another pot.  I made a yummy vegetable salad with romaine lettuce; radishes; cucumbers; celery; pecans and dried cranberries.

I covered half my plate with the salad and the other half with the cooked vegetables.  I had a four or five little new potatoes and a small slice of ham.  Just perfect!

I did have desert - pecan pie and then I was done for the evening.

I am back on detoxing this week - to help get rid of the stuff I shouldn't have eaten. :)

When I stepped on the scale I hadn't gained any weight from the weekend of endulgence :)

Today I have been really good.

I have had about a cup of red grapes; two tangerines (from the tree); the left over cooked vegetables and the left over salad.  For snack I have three celery stalks cut into a baggie along with some baby carrots and an Amborsia apple to top it off.

I havn't figured out what I am going to make for dinner - there will definitely be a salad. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds tasty! Good for you for showing discipline! It really pays off.

Trillium said...

I need to think good nutrition too. Somehow it always ends up as last on the list. :(