Monday, March 22, 2010


There were six of us who worked the garden plot Saturday morning.

Victor, Vincent, Alex, Evan, Aislyn, Allisa and I spent 4 hours in the garden area removing weeds; relocating rocks and pavers; turning the horse maneur into the soil with the rototiller; and raking the dirt clumps to pieces.

The garden area looks much better.  There is only one small area that needs attention from the rototiller and Victor will be putting up the fence over the next couple days.

Besides the almost ready for planting garden area, Victor and I have the added bonus of very sore muscles and joints (remedies by some very strong pain killers) and I thought I would do some sun bathing while weeding and I have a nice little sunburn.

Victor and I are no longer in our 20's and we have found that this labor intensive work does not agree with us like it used to.  Sadly, we were so beat that we called out sick from church and we spent the bulk of Sunday laying around and we didn't even cook dinner.


Trillium said...

..."no longer in our 20's..."


Our lament is "we are no longer in our 40's!" ...or 50's!!!

My new observation: old age isn't for sissies.

Rebecca said...

I figured if we keep working hard we will stay young longer... :)