Tuesday, March 23, 2010


At Mesa Union the seventh graders have a Renaissance Banquet in the Spring.  This year it is April 30th.

Last month I had pulled out my fabric (lots and lots of colors everywhere) and I spent about an hour looking at patterns.  I had decided to work on a Renaissance costume; thinking that I would make it for a future time.

I have completed the first piece of the costume.  It took me seven hours to complete it.  I had decided that I would just set it aside for another day when I had more time to complete the other 5 pieces of this costume.

Last night Aislyn starts handing me papers from school and the very first piece of paper was the flier for the Renaissance Banquet.  I said:  "I thought the Renaissance Banquet was for 8th graders."  Aislyn says:  "Nope," grinning from ear to ear.  She looks over at the bodice that was already complete.  "I guess I know what I am working on this week," smiling back at her.

I still have the peasant blouse; the under skirt; the over skirt and the head piece to cut out and sew.  It is about another 20 hours worth of work.

The fabric I have chosen is light weight and colorful.  It looks rich without the uncomfortable weight of most renaissance costumes.  Both Aislyn and I will be able to wear it.  I am losing weight and Aislyn is taller than me.  It will fall differently on us, but it will still look nice.

When I completed the bodice Victor was impressed:  "Wow! That is really nice.  I think that is the best work you have done."  I was pleased, mostly because I thought the same thing.

I think my life just got really busy.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE period costumes! When I sang with Musica Antiqua I made several "Bar Maid" outfits. Too fun. Peasant blouses are pretty simple to do. Just lost of gathering. :P You need to post your progress pictures.