Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend we went to Solvang and did a little shopping at my favorite stores.

Shelley & Bill Berman and Family run a little restaurant and all the proceeds are donated to the Shriners.  Their restaurant is located in the Hans Christian Anderson Square.  In addition, they have a gift shop; a clothes shops; a separate sports wear shop; a dress shop and a bulk fabric shop.  Everything is donated by their daughter who is a designer and her clothes are found at top department stores.  All the proceeds at these little shops are also donated to the Shriners.  I love that the fabric is .99 cents a yard and most of it is really nice and much of it can be used for the costumes I make my family.

We spent $42.00 at the shops and purchased the following:

Two dresses for me ($15.00)
one top for me ($5.00)
two dresses for Aislyn ($15.00)
one belt for Asilyn ($1.00)
one top for Aislyn ($1.00)
one skirt for Aislyn ($1.00)
one top for Allisa ($1.00)
one skirt for Allisa ($1.00)
one mug for Evan ($2.00)

When we have gone on our cruises I was able to find some modest; affordable evening dresses for the formal dinners on the cruise ships.

We at at their restaurant and we spent $32.00 for six people:

3 egg salad sandwiches
1 grilled cheese sandwich
2 double cheese burgers
6 curlie fries
2 dr peppers
2 root beers
2 pink lemonaides

Such a deal!  :)

The family also owns and runs Shelby Ranch.  The husband used to appear in the old westerns with Ronald Reagan; John Wayne and Roy Rogers (just to name a few).

I also get my essential oils at one of the shops in Solvang and I get them at a really low cost. 

Any way, when family comes to visit I try to get them to go to Solvang with me so that I can show them the nifty little shops that I have discovered there. 


Anonymous said...

OOOO! I want to go so bad! I am going to see if we can swing it this summer.

Trillium said...

I need a shopping spree!!!

Rebecca said...

Dara, I am so glad you are coming! I am so excited! :)