Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Evan, as you know, is in high school.  He participated in Cross Country in the Fall and is currently participating in Track.

He has improved his times by seconds each time he competes.  Last week at the track meet hosted by Oxnard High School, Evan came in 3rd place in the JV 100 hurdles.  His times have been really good with the 300 hurdles and the sprints he has been participating in.

Evan has been invited to participate in the Spartan Relay Invitational this Saturday, hosted by his High School, Rio Mesa.  I am really proud of him and the effort he puts into improving himself.

It is really nice to see that he is enjoying his High School experience and is doing well in his extra curricular activities.  He is also starting to fill out a bit.  Along with the muscles in his legs he has developed some pretty narly biceps.  He shovels the horse poop into the wheelbarrow and then carts it off to the garden and the planters for spredding... :)  Because the stalls and the coral need to be cleaned frequently, Evan is frequently out their doing the dirty work with his dad.  Before long Evan is going to turn into a man.  It is a little unnerving.  I never imagined my children growing up and they are right before my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Horse poop, hee hee hee!

Trillium said...

Evan is earning his PhD -- Piled Higher and Deeper!! LOL

Rebecca said...

that's funny!