Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have so much to do I just want to scream!  :) 

I have a whole house to clean before Easter Sunday.  We are having guests for dinner.

I have an Easter Maze to create in the front yard.  Before I do that I have to make sure the front yard has been beautified and the Easter stuff has been pulled down from the attic.  All the garden art needs to be pulled from their artistic spots and assembled in the front yard to be integrated into the maze.

I have to finish all of my accounting spreadsheets to finalize the taxes so that we can get our CPA to finish the returns and we can get money$$$$$$$$$

I have the renaissance costume to finish - I cut out the peasant blouse last night and started cutting out the underskirt and the outskirt pieces - trying to keep the pattern pieces away from the new puppy, Juels (australian sheppard).

I have some more planting to do.  I have lots of bulbs that I have dried that need to be put back in the soil and I need to replace some of the plants for the service garden because the naughty squirl family came out in the evening and ate the leaves off the cucumber plants!!! AHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!

I have tons of laundry to do and not enough detergent - oh I guess I need to go shopping this weekend too!

If I sit here long enough I can think of more things that need to happen!  Oh My Goodness!!!  What to do!!!! :)

I think I will take a vacation.  I am exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...makes me feel bad that I added to your chaos by suggesting we come and stay with you guys! You don't need to make a maze for us, though. :D

Rebecca said...

I'll just leave the maze up... :)