Thursday, April 1, 2010

UH-OH! (othewise untitled)

I didn't put a title on this blog...  I couldn't think of an appropriate title.

Any way...  I have been really tired and haven't been feeling well.  I sat down with the doctor a week or so ago and he ordered up some blood work - thinking that I was anemic... :)  That would explain why I'm so tired...

The results came back and I was stunned into silence.


Victor and I have had our future all planned out knowing that we would be entering our 50's with all our children grown.  Well, the blood panel revealed that I get to spend the next 18-19 years working on growing another child into adult hood.


I wonder what my kids are going to say when we tell them.


leafhopper said...

I wonder what day it is? :)

Anonymous said...

Almost, ALMOST got me. :)

Jam In Stew said...

I was gonna say, did the doctor not tie something tight enough last time?

Rebecca said...

i got at least 8 people! It was absolutely hysterical - I couldn't stop laughing! ;)

leafhopper said...

You got Chris too. You need to post there reactions so we can laugh too.