Friday, April 2, 2010


This past April Fool's is the most fun I have had!  It take a lot of thought and planning for me to come up with a good prank.

Yesterday's blog was my attempt at getting a few folks out there... :)

I fooled 5 people at work.

Michelle:  "Are you kidding me?"  She looked terrified.  I couldn't tell if it was fear for me or if it was the amount of work that would be piled on her desk when I went out on maternity leave.

Lorine:  "Oh know!  All that weight you have lost..."  She looked very sad.  We have been working on the look great lose weight together.

Miwako:  Nothing came out of her mouth.  Eyes and mouth wide open...  she then says:  "I was imagining you with a big belly."

Janet:  Turned white as ghost and looked like she was ready to cry "Really?  Oh no..."  When I told her it was joke "You made my heart race.  I don't think I am going recover from this.  I can't even concentrate on my work now."

Paco:  "Really?!?!?"

Too funny!  I laughed all afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're mean. LOL!

I didn't pull any pranks yesterday. But I was waiting for someone to pull one on me, so thanks!