Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This past week we had purchased a new television for the bedroom and had switched from Time Warner Cable to Dish Network.

I love that we have the television in the room for two reasons:

1)  I can straighten my room and fold laundry while watching a movie or a television show (usually Disney).
2)  I can watch something other than what the kids are watching in the living room when they are permitted to watch television.


1)  Victor loves to watch television right before he is ready to go to sleep.  The problem is that I go to be about an hour before he does.  Since he likes to be with me while watching television he has started to watch television in the room until he is ready for bed.  I have not had good sleep for about a week.

We switched from Time Warner to Dish for a couple reasons:

1)  Time Warner was getting a little expensive and didn't offer the variety that we desired in television viewing.  Dish offered more for the same dollar amount.
2)  Since Time Warner had purchased the cable company we used to have we no longer could watch conference at home (unless we watched it at the computers on the internet)

The blessing received from switching to Dish wasn't only the cost it was the opportunity to watch conference again at home.  I love conference and this past weekend I was deeply touched.

The Curse:

There is so much garbage on television and it is so easy to get trapped into watching a movie that you hadn't intended on watching.

Last night was the case.  I ended up watching two movies that I wish I hadn't.

1)  Roller ball - violent (unrealistic) - story line interesting and it ended violently
2)  Lonely Harts - John Travolta and Selma Hyak - a couple of my favorite actors.  The movie was distubingly violent and extremely realistic.  I told Victor I didn't want to to watch it because it bothered me...  He was engrosed and watched it to the end (1 1/2 hours after my bed time).

Every time I closed my eyes I just kept replaying parts from the second movie in my mind and did not sleep well...

It is interesting that mom mentioned the talks given my President Monson and Elder Ballard and for some reason that counsel escaped my attention.  I have to listen to and read their addresses again and then share them with Victor so that last nights experience isn't repeated  :)


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what filters through. We stopped watching TV almost two years ago because our antenae broke, and a few months later we caught a snippit of something on TV and I was astounded at how awful it was...especially since I used to enjoy those shows so much! It's amazing how numb I was to it all. I don't see us ever getting cable. And as Mom would say, "WASTE O TIME."

Trillium said...


Katscratchme said...

I DO read your blog, Becky... I just can't always think of anything to say. My brain is broken.
TV IS a blessing and a curse.. we have it on nearly all day, but I personally only watch about an hour.
The curse is having PBS children's programing songs stuck in my head.