Thursday, June 24, 2010


Victor and the boys have been in Southern Utah since Saturday evening.

The Oxnard First Ward and the Oxnard Third Ward are participating in Scout Camp at Big Thunder Mountain.  Victor is the Scout Leader over the older boys and has joined them this summer.

The scouts stayed in St George until Monday morning.  They spent some time visiting some historical church sites; attended church; and had a devotional.

They left for Big Thunder Mountain on Monday and have been seeking adventure for the last few days.

Evan and Alex have already been playing on the ZIP Lines.  Went horse back riding yesterday.  Today they are on their 26 mile hike.

Victor has been participating with them the whole time.  I guess we will see how fit the boys are... :)


Anonymous said...

OOO! I WANT TO GO! I have always felt that boy scout camp was far better than girls' camp..bleh... We were totally gyped.

Trillium said...

When I saw your title, I thought you were going to blog about a ride at Disneyland. ..And I felt nauseated just remembering it. But this looks like a lot of fun!