Monday, June 28, 2010


Victor and the boys were home Saturday evening after 10 days of play!  :)

They had a great time and many spiritual experiences.

They especially had fun on their last day with their "CAMELOT" game.  It is similar to the boffer weapons that David, Victor and the boys used to play with.  (I wasn't allowed to play - I was too mean)...

Any way, I had visions of them participating in sword fights, etc. dressed in the knightly attire with long locks of wavy hair and intense expressions - determined to "change their stars" 

Wait a minute - I think that was from "A Knights Tale"

When they got home the unloaded their gear and I had them sort their dirty clothes into the pockets in the garage.  All the laundry is done, except for the last load.  Only accomplished because I was able to get the house and the rest of the laundry done two days earlier :)

Evan and Alex were surprised with new bedroom furniture and a clean room with all the clothes put away neatly in the brand new dressers.

The dogs and horses were really excited to see Victor (all were staring into the house until he came out).  It was actually pretty funny watching the dogs surround Victor; giving him kisses and howling their hellos.  The horses were also very happy to see Victor.  Sampson is pretty moody and kind of gave Victor the cold shoulder - but eventually warmed up to him.  Spice and Sierra just kept on talking away as Victor talked to them and caressed their necks.

Victor and the boys are going to spend the day working in the yard today.  We'll see how much gets done before I get home :)

It was nice to have a very quiet house while they were gone.  It's even better that they are back :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! Jeremy has only gone away a couple times, and I hated every minute, so good for you for holding it together. :P

Any solid plans for Aislynn coming up yet??

Rebecca said...

yes... i will be sending her information either tonight or tomorrow night