Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, the house has been extremely quiet for the past couple days and we already want Dara and Jeremy to come and visit again!

I year and a half ago, the Cards came to visit the ranch and experienced the joys of home grown pigs.  Dara was certain that we set them loose in the yard to kill her.  Actually, pigs are very funny and love people.  They only run after you if you run away.  They think you are playing with them.

This visit they took their revenge and ate "Summer".  We made spagetti and the sauce was made with sausage from last year's pig. :)

We love having guests so that we can cook.  We love cooking for other people.  We especially love cooking for family.

I took three and a half days off from work so that I could spend time with the Cards.  We visited the beach and played in the water at Leo Carillo.  We saw urchins, a seal, pelicans, seagulls, storks, dolphins, crabs and other sea creatures.

We went to the movies several times and watched the following movies:

  • How to Train a Dragon
  • Letters to Juliet
  • Iron Man II
  • Robinhood
  • The Prince of Persia
We ate a lot and spent a lot of time together.  We really enjoyed having Dara and Jeremy and their kids.  We loved watching Lily and playing with Lily.  What a happy baby!

We would love to have the rest of the family come to visit.  Just let us know when you would like to come!  :)


Anonymous said...

No doubt we will visit again, but not before I forget what the drive is like... :P

Katscratchme said...

Sounds fun! No horseback riding in all this?
We'll make it out at some point.
BTW, were you serious about flying out for a garden party? I got all excited!

Rebecca said...

i would totally fly out for a garden party.