Monday, July 19, 2010


After church we were taking one of the members home.  She mentioned her concern about the ward boundry changes which will be announced next Sunday and then asked:  "Do you think this will be a good change."

My reply:  "When there are changes that are approved by the First Presidency of the Church it is always a good change."  I am actually looking forward to the changes.  We may or may not be in the same ward we are in now.  I am quite certain that many of the members that we attend church with now will not be in the same ward as us.  There is a degree of sadness; yet I know that the friendships I have made will continue.

I was speaking with another friend during Primary and asked her why she and her family had decided to move.  She then explained to me a set of circumstances and I understood the necessity to move.  Again, I was saddened by this change; yet I know that their choice to move is a good one and I am happy for her and her family.

The past year has been riddled with events that have changed how I do things and how I see the world.  My priorities have shifted (again) and I have come to some truths that I had not yet understood.  I have never been fearful of change.  I have often embraced it.  Sometimes I even become excited for change and anticipate the wonderful things that are about to happen. 

I see change as an opportunity for improvement.  And in looking at it that way I understand that change is a necessity.  We are here to improve and become better than we were.  These steps along the path of perfection are mile stones in our lives and will ultimately lead us to a state of perfection.  And that is, after all, the purpose of this life.


Chris said...

I, too, have experienced a mighty shift in priorities. It is interesting how life has a way of doing that.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping with all this "moving" business that your blog would end in some phenomenal announcement that you guys are moving. :D

I used to love change. Now I just want things to stay the same...