Thursday, July 15, 2010


I finished an afghan last night :)  I washed it and dried it... :)

It is clean; neatly done and smells great!

I will also be entering the costume I made forAislyn and a skirt that I finished last week.  I have a few more afghans that I will be able to finish and some quilting projects and a few other sewing projects.  I think I might be able to finish the two swedish weaving projects that I started last year... :)

Evan has two wood crafts he just stained last week.  He will probably devote his entries for the fair to baking :)

Allisa has pumped out a few more projects and then decided to play video games... :)

I'm getting excited!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Maybe some day I will get my poop in a group and do something like that for our state fair...but...probably not. :D

Chris said...

@Dara - Get your poop in a group? What the heck?!?!?

@Becky - That is cool to have a hobby. I did a little stint with models with my kids, but didn't care too much for it. Too many little pieces. I guess I am a lot like dad with models. Too little patience for too little pieces.

I'm actually still looking for a good hobby. Now that I stopped playing computer games, I have a lot more time to do. I don't know what my hobby should be. I am still looking for a good one. I do a lot more reading than I used to. Is reading considered a hobby?