Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"The Fair is Coming! The Fair is Coming!"  I scream as I am running frantically through the house trying to find all of the spiffy things that the children and I have created over the past year!

Oh...  I guess we weren't as busy with projects...  It seams that I have a box full of crafts that I saved for lazy days and forgot to give them to my children...  "Here Allisa!  This is all the stuff I bought for you so that you could make spiff things for the fair.  Start with the small stuff and work your way up to the big projects.  Don't rush through them.  Go slowly so that they look really nice..."

Allisa just smiles at me and says okay.  Later,  "Mom, I still have that quilt kit you bought for me three Christmas's ago.  Can I work on that?"

"I haven't shown you how to sew yet... work on the small stuff and work your way up to the big projects..."

As I was sitting on the couch last night working on the last rounds of an afghan Evan comes in and sits down to watch TV:  "Why aren't you working on stuff for the fair?"  Evan shruggs his shoulders.  "There are a few craft kits in the corner over by the piano, why don't you check those out?"

Evan turns to take a look.  He picks up each box and examines.  I can see the wheels churning.  He sets them back down and says that he would rather do some swedish weaving...  He starts going through my box of tricks and pulls out several swedish weaving projects:  "Mom can I do these?"  "Those are mine... I was going to work on those for the fair.  I don't think you can do them in two weeks any way."

He turns back to watch TV.  15 minutes later he picks up one of the kits again and smiles.  Inside I'm thinking:  "I don't want him to do my project.  I bought it for me!!!!" 

New day:  "I should probably let him do the swedish weaving.  He has all day and will probably get it done before the week is out."

It's Wednesday and I officially have 11 days to wrap up unfinished projects and to whip out some others.  I was going to attempt to print some photos that I have taken over the past year.  Some are really good.  The only problem is that it costs money to have the photos developed and mounted on the correct materials so that the officiators will take them for judging...  We'll see.

I also was planning on finishing a couple writing pieces...  Every time I turn on the lap top I end up playing games - blasted FACEBOOK!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Facebook = Waste o' Time. I deleted all the games off my profile. :P

Good luck with the fair stuff!

Chris said...

Hear hear. I, once upon a time, was very addicted to those facebook games. the sad thing is that they are really really really laaaaaame. Take Farmville. I was like, this is so gay. I don't even know why I am playing it. Then, it turns into, oh my land, I have to check my crops! Then everyday, you are like, "I have to log in to Facebook! I have to log in to Facebook!" Sad but true. After the "incident" last year, I killed my facebook account. Then, after the dust settled a few months later, I logged back into Facebook, and I was like, these games are lame. And, I was no longer addicted.

I have some pretty high dudes, though, in both Mob Wars and Mafia Wars, so if you play those and someone is picking on you, let me know, and I will waste them for you. LOL.