Thursday, August 12, 2010


Evan will be a Sophomore this fall.  School begins August 25th for him.

Evan has a mind for solving problems; can see how things work and can design original mechanisms.  He consistently scores very high on proficency exams; especially in math and science.

However, his study skills and habits are very poor resulting in low grades at school.  Very frustrating when you have an intelligent child.

A new school opens this fall and Evan is enrolled as a sophomore.  The school is located in Camarillo and the principal is a member of the church.  The school is called:

ACE (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) Charter High School. 

We met the teachers last week and toured the new facility.  It is very nice and the teachers seem really nice.  None of the teachers were recruited - they all applied for the positions that they are in and are considered the best in their area of study.  The class rooms have a limited number of students in them - keeping the classes smaller than other highschools.

Evan's focus will be in architecture and engineering.  He will learn all areas of construction in addition to his focus and required classes (English, Science, Math). 

We are really excited for this opportunity and know that Evan will do great.  Check out their website:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like an exciting new venture!

Chris said...

Yes, Charter Schools are supposed to be the bomb (i.e. really good). They are extremely hard to get into, though, and you usually end up on a long waiting list. I think they pick students based on some sort of lottery. In other words, good luck on getting in. But, once you get at least one kid in, all of your kids automatically get in. I was contemplating if I should do this, but then I thought abnout all the buddies that my son has already, and then he would have to get new buddies. Also, my son is going to be in a special 1st grade class where they teach half in english, and half in spanish, so he will be fluent in spanish. Not a bad trade off.