Monday, August 16, 2010


Summer is nearly over...  The kids start going to school next week.

Evan starts at the Charter School on August 25th.  Aislyn and Allisa go back to school on August 30th.

We have school clothes and school supplies to buy.  Won't be doing a whole lot of spending - we have to be creative because we are really low on funds :)

Grandma Gonzales has helped a little.  She has taken Allisa shopping and bought her three new outfits.  She will be taking Evan to buy him jeans.  Aislyn is a little more difficult to buy for so she has opted not to go shopping with her.

Last pay date we purchased new back packs for the kids.  We will have to see how the budget is this Friday so that we can get a few supplies and a couple outfits for the kids :)

It's amazing that we have another school year beginning and the kids are one year older.  I still remember when they each started kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, new adventure!

I hope you guys are doing okay!!!