Wednesday, August 25, 2010


While the world is busy trying to conquer "outer space," we should strive to conquer "inner space."


Anonymous said...

I like that! :D

Chris said...

Lt. Tuck Pendleton: [instructing him to get his jacket/carkeys out of his locker] See that door?
Jack Putter: Yeah.
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Use it!
[Jack turns away from it]
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Hey! What are you doing?
Jack Putter: Just-just quiet for a minute! Shush! I-I need to think.
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: EXCUSE ME,Jack! You heard the man! My oxygen's running out! Look, if you don't help me, you're going to end up with this microscopic pod floating around your insides with this teeny tiny human skeleton at the helm.
Jack Putter: [very disgusted] UCK!
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Now isn't that a pretty thought?