Thursday, August 26, 2010


I like starting fresh and beginning with a clean slate and I believe my children are the same way.

Allisa turned 11 on Tuesday and is excited about starting Junior High next Monday.  Grandma took her shopping for clothes and shoes.  Victor and I bought her a new backpack.  She is really excited about this next stage in her life.  So am I.  I know she will do well in Junior High.

Aislyn turned 13 in July.  She had a wonderful summer.  Went to Girl's Camp for the first time.  Learned how to apply makeup and do her hair.  She received her patriarchal blessing.

She enters her last year of Junior High (eighth grade); she is popular at school and is very excited about the special activities she gets to participate in this year.  We purchased a new backpack and binder for her.  She has quite a few clothes that still fit we just need to get her shoes :)

Evan started school yesterday at the new Charter High School and had a great time.  He is on a block schedule which means he doesn't go to all six classes every day.  Each subject is the length of approximately two periods.  This means everyother day he is in a particular class.  His friend Brandon is also going to the new Charter High School.  We hope that they both excel.  We are also happy that the new principal is a member of the church.  We know Evan is in good hands.  Grandma took him shopping for jeans and a couple shirts because he decided to grow this summer.  I think he is 5'9" or 5'10".  In any event he towers of me (5'3").

We have a new puppy.  We adopted her from a family whose single mom passed away (her husband passed away several years ago).  Her name is Precious and she is the sweetest Shih Tzu.  It's fun to have a small dog that loves to just sit next to you on the couch or take a nap with you.

Victor and I begin taking some classes next week.  We are taking classes and will be taking exams to become licensed in Life Insurance and Financial Planning.  We will be hanging our lincenses with World Financial Group.  We have a couple really good friends who work for them and asked me to consider becoming lincensed because of my banking and insurance back ground (along with my 401(k) and pension knowledge).

Victor went with me to the first two meetings and decided that he was interested and has committed to taking the classes and training with me.

We will let you know how it goes :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! It sounds like everything is being "launched" in a timely and suitable fashion!

I hope everything goes well for you and the kids this fall!

Trillium said...

I like fresh starts too. ...since I really need one EVERY DAY!!! :)