Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I love September for many reasons:

1)  Evan was born in September.  September 1st to be exact.
2)  Alex was born in September.  September 7th - exactly 51 weeks before Evan was born... :) - It also happens to be Emily's birthday!!!!! :)
3)  Grandma Mead was born in September (and she died the same month :(... )
4)  Tammy's birthday is this month.  Don't forget to wish her happy birthday tomorrow.
5)  Kids are back in school
6)  Labor Day Holiday - great for an official send off for my students - we are having a family BBQ on Monday.
7)  There are some Jewish Holidays that I try to remember - Victor and I have many friends who are Jewish so we try to recognize their traditions:  Rosh Hashanah (9/8) and Yom Kippur (9/17)
8) Autumn Begins - September 23
9)  It's a great send off for the final quarter of the year - my most favorite time of year.  I love all the holidays that allow me to be festive and to decorate my house inside and out.

"The greatest lesson of life is to know that everything happens for the best.  Every no leads you that much closer to a yes."



Anonymous said...

I wish I was there to come to your barbeque! You guys throw on awesome party!

Katscratchme said...

Don't forget that today is Jeremy's birthday. :P
Grandma's birthday was on the 6th.