Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Allisa had play offs today for Volleyball so that they could determine who plays in the Championship next Tuesday.

Allisa's team won!  They moved up to 2nd place in the play offs and will play against the team that is in 1st place next Tuesday.

I am so excited for her.  I know that she has had a great Volleyball season and looks forward to the Spring Season for Volleyball.

Both Aislyn and Allisa made Merit Roll this term.  They are both very happy with their scores in school.  Their goal for the next term is Honor Roll!

Evan and Aislyn are still growing!  Both of them are taller than me.  Evan is now taller than Victor.

I think Evan grew another two inches this past month.  I think he is part pine tree and has 2X4's for legs.

Speaking of 2X4's...  Evan has been doing some amazing things at ACE.  He is now designing a tool shed for me and will build it out of the extra lumber we have in the back yard.  His instructor stated that he did a great job with the design.  Evan is going to enter a competition for a home design.  He has been given special conditions.

There is a local family with a disabled family member and they need to build a home or remodel their home to accomodate.

Evan's instructor told him that he should use the same techniques he was using for my Tool Shed :)

It's going to be a very small house; or it is going to be a box :)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Although, you have to admit, having a kitchen in the tool shed might be handy! :D