Saturday, January 8, 2011


Victor and I have spent three days in Palm Springs at a Wealth Bowl Convention for WFG.  We have had a wonderful time and have heard many great speakers!

Don't be afraid to dream the big dream and do something about to get there has been the message.

What is your Dream?  I'll tell you mine.

I want to be able to serve a mission with my husband.  I want to be able to send my children to college.  I want to be able to leave a legacy for my family.  I want to be able to provide for my family and my friends.  I want to be able to do these things without worrying about where the money is going to come from.

I have been trained and have the tools now to make my dreams come true.  Victor and I are going to make those dreams come true together.

What is Your Dream?  What have you done to make sure your dreams come true?


Trillium said...

Wikipedia has a long article on WFG; the opening paragraph of the article says:

"World Financial Group (WFG) is a financial services marketing organization based in Duluth, Georgia that markets investment, insurance, and various other financial products through a network of associates in the United States and Canada. WFG is a Network Marketing company that utilizes a system also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM).[1][2] It is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEGON.[3]"

Be careful.

Anonymous said...

You stumpted me with that. I have so many dreams, and my only hope is that I can be able to just endure this life with my family intact. I guess that is the best dream. :)

Ditto what Mom said (I actually think I said the same sort of thing when you told me about that a few months back).