Monday, November 7, 2011


"Phoenix" - new pic after a day at the hair salon

As many of you know, sisters can be really good friends and be loving and caring towards each other.  Other times sisters can be just awful towards each other.  I remember the loving sisterly moments with my sisters and the awful moments too.  However, I think often on the fun times and happy moments.  Mostly because I am so far from them.  It is hard living far from family.

After a terrible fight with one of my sisters many years ago (high school years), mom had a talk with the two of us and in summary she said (paraphrasing):  "When I am gone you will only have each other...  You need to learn to get along and to love each other..."  I have thought a lot about those words and have tried to maintain good relations with my siblings.  I have also tried to teach my own daughters the importance of being close, loving, caring and protective of each other.  There have been successes and there have been several world wars.

I have discovered that planning activities that Aislyn and Allisa enjoy has helped with the sisterly bonding.  We love to go to the hair salon and get our hair done together.  We also have had manicure and pedicures together.  Shopping for clothes, makeup and accesories.  When it's just us girls, Aislyn and Allisa are great.  I have recently discovered that they enjoy taking pictures with my camera and I wanted to share:
I did Aislyn's makeup for Halloween

sisters that love their new hair styles

Face Art for Halloween

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think of "White Christmas": "Sisters! Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!" Ha ha ha!