Thursday, January 5, 2012


Every January I spend time reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to the possibilities of the new year.  This past year has had some milestones and highlights.

Allisa turned 12 and has joined the older girls in the Young Women's program.  She loves Young Women's and is happy to graduate from Primary.  Allisa loves school and is thriving with excellent grades making the Honor Roll or Merit Roll each term.  Allisa asserts her personality often, especially with her dad.  This sometimes frustrates Victor.  I think it's funny.

Aislyn is in her first year of High School and is loving it.  She is a mother hen when it comes to her friends.  She is growing up very fast and is often mistaken for a 16/17 year-old.  We love her sense of fashion, pulling off combinations like formal pink dresses with white knee high converse tennis shoes.  She is trying her hand at drawing and seems to be enjoying this new hobby.

Evan is a Junior at ACE High School and still loves studying Architecture and Construction.  Together we designed and constructed mobiles for the two new granddaughters.  Devlyn and Stevie were impressed with the Christmas gifts for their daughters.  Evan turned 16 this past September, was ordained a Priest and has a girlfriend.  Evan had many firsts.  1)   Performed his first ordinance - baptizing his cousin Rogelio.  2)  Blessed the Sacrament for the first time.  3)  Had his first date.  4)  Has his first girl friend.

I have been working long hours up until the end of October.  I had reconstructive surgery on my left knee the end of October.  I have been participating in physical therapy to help with the recovery.  I am expected to return to work February or March.

Victor and I became grandparents for this first time with two granddaughters born within two weeks of each other  Victor is a proud grandpa and loves spending time with the grandbabies.  We babysat one of our granddaughters this past Sunday.  A whole three hours with Kadance while Drew and Devlyn went to the movies - their first date since she was born.

We are hoping that this new year is full of many firsts and many new and exciting adventures.  We hope that your year is just as fruitful.

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