Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week I was pretty sick and I have continued to have the sniffles through the last couple days.

A funny thing happens after I have been sick for a while.  I have this strange irresistable urge to clean and disinfect everything.

Saturday morning I got up and stripped my bed and immediately threw the sheets into the washing machine on HOT.  I straightened my room, dusted and vacuumed.

I then took a HOT shower.

I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  I removed every thing that could be washed and threw it out to be washed next.  Every surface was cleansed and then disinfected with Lysol. 

I moved to the living room.  Boxed up the rest of the Christmas decorations; folded the three baskets of laundry; dusted and vacuumed.  Then I turned on Pandora to listen to some Celtic Music.

The dining room was next.  The tablecloth was removed and replaced with a clean crisp white lace tablecloth.  I dusted and polished my cobalt blue center pieces and placed them on the table. 

I saved the kitchen for last.  This being the dirtiest room in the house.  I was not able to finish the kitchen before I was completely exhausted.  Sunday, I finished the dishes and made dinner.

Monday morning I decided that the kitchen still wasn't good enough.  I had Allisa sweep and mop the kitchen floor again.  I emptied more than half the drawers; cleaned them out with Mr. Clean spray and then put all items in the correct drawers.  I don't know who has been putting the dishes away, but their methods drive my OCD personality completely bonkers.  Aislyn came in and rescued me from the tupperware cabinets while Allisa and I tackled the pantry. 

By 9:30 last night I couldn't stand anymore.  I got up late this morning and attempted to finish the pantry and clean off the counters where the pantry had exploded to.  My pantry is organized and all but one section of counter top has been cleared of pantry items.  I have a sink full of mismatched tupperware and dirty dishes that happened to be in the pantry...  I don't know why...

Maybe I'll finish that part tomorrow.  I'm exhausted.  But, my house is clean; the kids have been at school; Victor has been running errands (finally got his hair cut); and I have had the house to myself for about three hours.  I was able to read my scriptures and study; type a couple blogs and just enjoy the quiet time.  Peace at last.

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Trillium said...

I've been thinking about finding a maid . . . .