Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch when mhy phone "binged" at me. 

Victor says:  "You just got a text message." 

I said:  "That was my phone?!?"

I reach for my phone and Victor says:  "It's Evan."  I look at him and then I look at my phone.  Sure enough, I have a text message from Evan.

Victor asks:  "What did he say?"

I read out loud Evan's text:  "Im comfortable"

I text back:  "What"

The next message says:  "To be around"

I text back:  "Why"

For some reason I didn't see his response until this morning when he sent me a text asking if he could stay after school to work on Chemistry.

His response to "why" was:  "Thats what ashleys familys said"

Ashley is Evan's girl friend. 

Ashley had invited Evan to attend a friends "Quincenera" (spelling????).  He spent seven hours with Ashley and her family last Saturday.  Seven hours is a long time to spend with someone's family. 

When I think about Evan I sense an ease about him.  I'm comfortable when he is around.  He is a very peaceful young man.  He rarely has outbursts.  Most of his frustration is kept inside - I can feel it when he is frustrated.  But that doesn't happen very often either.

Aislyn thinks Evan is too passive.  But I like him to "comfortable".  He keeps me "comfortable".


Anonymous said...

Awww...that's so cute!

Mellow children are soothing to the soul...

And when the heck did Evan get a girlfriend???

Rebecca said...

Evan and Ashley have liked each other for a while. They decided to start dating around Thanksgiving.