Tuesday, May 29, 2012


When I was a kid the best box of crayola crayons was the one that contained the color midnight blue.  If you didn't have that box you had to first lay down a layer of the darkest blue you had in your box and then lay down a layer of black.  If it looked too black you had to put down another layer of blue.

As I got older I figured out how to use a paper towel or a smugger to blend the black and the blue colors on my paper.  I have decided that my midnight blue is a better color than the one in the crayola box.

When I began remodeling the girls bedroom I painted the four walls with three different shades of sky blue.  One wall has a cloud pattern that I created with a large round sponge.  The next phase is to paint the ceiling a midnight blue.  When it is dry I will place c-shape screws randomly in the ceiling so we can hang various shapes and sizes of clear crystals.  This will make the ceiling look like the night sky.

The finishing touch will be the white crown molding and wains coating. 

The plan, when there is money, is to replace the front window with a bay window seat and have a professional closet place revamp the closet so that it is more functional...

Any way, back to midnight blue... While I have been searching for the correct color for the ceiling I did some internet browsing and came across a brief clip in Wikipedia:

"Midnight blue is a dark shade of blue named for its resemblance to the identifiably blue color of a moonlit night sky on or near the night of a full moon. Midnight blue is the color of a vat full of Indigo dye; therefore, midnight blue may also be considered a dark shade of indigo. Midnight blue is identifiably blue to the eye in sun-light or full-spectrum light, but can appear black under certain more limited spectrums sometimes found in artificial lighting (especially early 20th century incandescent). As a consequence, it is often colloquially confused with black-blue, which is a black with a blue undertone, or deep navy, which is a blue so dark it is nearly black.
There are two major shades of midnight blue—the X11 color and the Crayola color. This color was originally called midnight. The first recorded use of midnight as a color name in English was in 1915.[1]

So, I guess my search for the midnight sky in my girls room should be for a dark shade of indigo...

Why is it so important that I find this color?  Well, you see, I have fond memories of laying on the grass looking up at the night sky as a kid when we lived in Indiana.  Because there were no street lights and we lived far from the city lights we could see all the stars.

We would spend hours looking up at the night sky identifying constellations and planets.  I really enjoyed that time and it is one of my favorite memories.

When Devlyn was young I purchased a glow in the dark constellation kit for the ceiling and spent hours applying the stickers to the ceiling.  It was pretty cool after it was done.  The problem:  from time to time the stars would fall from the sky.  If you happened to be laying in the room with the lights off when this happened you would be treated to a mini meteor shower.

Sometimes the stars would get stuck to the ceiling fans and at night we would have an actual light show of spiraling lights.

No stickers this time.  Just c-hook screws and clear crystals on fishing line.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds magical. I always wanted stars on my ceiling, and now you've given me a great idea for when we have a house someday! :D