Monday, May 28, 2012


Most Monday mornings we are up before the sun so that we can make it out the door ontime to get Evan and Aislyn to seminary.  Seminary starts promptly at 6:00 a.m.

The whole family was anticipating a late start this morning.  Something like noon... :)

Victor and I were up before 9:00 a.m. because "Jewels", our new kitten decided to throw-up on Victor...  Pretty funny!

Not so funny:  I had to strip the bed and through the bedspread in the washing machine.  The sheets are next.

Shortly after, I gave the kitten to Allisa to tend.

I then went into Aislyn's room to rouse her so that we could take care of Sampson and Sierra, the horses.  (Spice died this past Thursday.  She had a problem with colic and most of the time we could help her.  This last time we didn't know... :(  Aislyn discovered her in the stable... :(  The lady who came to take her away told us that she may have also had a heart attack)... any way...

I cut up some apples and carrots for the horses; added some oats and then some alfafa/oat pellets and a little bit of the really good horsefeed to each of their buckets.

Aislyn and I went out and fed the horses.  Spent some time giving them loves and water...

Evan fed the dogs - all seven :)

I took a shower.  I then decided that I needed to pick up some snack type foods for our afternoon at home.  As a family we enjoy hanging out in the living room eating snacks and having movie marathons.  So we all went to Sams and then Vons to pick out our yummy snacks.

We got home and ate our lunches.  Aislyn had a chef salad.  Allisa had an Apple, Chicken, Walnut Salad.  Evan had shrimp and lobster salad.  I had a tray of apples, carrots, celery and grapes.

We have decided that we want to go to the movies at 2:00 to see MIB III.  So, we leave in 30 minutes.

When we get home Victor will BBQ the hotdogs and steak.  I will make a Chinese Chicken Salad.  The kids will make freshcut fries.  I bought a vegetable tray.  Sometime around we will have dinner :)

Spending time together as a family is really important and we enjoy planning our activities together; preparing meals together; eating dinner together while watching our favorite movies or television series.

Allisa's vote for today's marathon:  Harry Potter - this will actually take us 3 days...  We should have started on Friday.

Have a great Memorial Day.  Don't forget your family and friends who have served and who are currently serving.  We should be greatful for our freedom and safety that they ensure each day of their lives.

Happy Memorial Day!

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