Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In other words:  I'm a fat cow and I need to lose 50 lbs.

Apparently I have quite a bit of weight to lose.  I currently have a BMI of 31 and that's considered obese.


I have started my Lose Weight / Look Great Program ...  AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! :)

In order for me to lose weight I need to burn stored calories or reduce calorie intake.  Since 1lb of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, I need to burn calories through physical activity and/or reduce the number of calories I eat for a total of 3,500 in order to lose 1lb of fat.

Day 1 starts tomorrow with a DETOX.

The means:

no caffeine
no pills/drugs of any kind
need 12 cups of water a day

I can get my 12 cups of water through fruits and vegetables.

Tomorrow's Menu:

Herbal Tea
Carrot Apple Juice (from 4 carrots and 2 apples)
Raspberry Peach Juice (from 4 oz of respberries and two peaches - added two apples)

I juiced my fruits and vegetables this evening so that it could be ice cold tomorrow.

Exercise is also on the agenda:

15 minute walk at 9:30 a.m.


1.  5-10 minute warm-up
2.  Aerobic exercise - treadmill or stair master for 15 minutes
3.  10 minute toners
4.  5-10 minute cool-down


I also made two salt scrubs.  One for my face and neck and the other for the rest of my body.

Body Scrubs are made from Rock Salt; Olive Oil and a drop of essential oil.

Mix a handful of coarse rock salt flakes to a past with two tablespoons of olive or sesame oil.  Add one drop only of rose or lav ender essential oil, if like. 

Make sure that the bathroom is warm and that you have plenty of warm towels to hand afterwards.

Before you start your body scrub, exfoliate your face and neck if you wish using fine salt (rock salt is too coarse for the delicate skin of the face) mixed with olive or sesame oil.  Even if you have oil facial skin you need to use the oil as it makes the scrub easier to apply and nourishes the skin.

I invite you to join me in my pursuit of a bikini fit body!  :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! A fellow body-tamer!
You are very ambitious to drink 12 glasses a day. I have a hard time downing 8. But I have noticed that when I am really good and drink 8 consistently, my body wants more. It helps to remember that my poor liver and kidneys need it to function properly. :P
I'll be your cheerleading section if you'll be mine!

Rebecca said...

So far I have consumed the 16 oz/500 ml of the Carrot Apple Juice and have started my 700 ml of the Raspberry Peach Juice. I also have my Smart Water - If I consume all of this I will have consumed 2160 ml of liquid - That's equiv. to 9 cups of water. I'll let you know how I did by this evening.