Friday, May 25, 2012


Victor stated directly to me yesterday:  "You should start writing today."

I looked at him and said:  "I have been thinking about that very thing..."  Then all the ideas in my head fluttered away like butterflies being chased by a three year old... :(

I logged onto my computer.  Read and responded to e-mails (deleted many because they were just junk).  I checked my bank account and sighed.  I logged onto Facebook and played Castleville and then Bejeweled and then Slingo and then Bingo...

I then remembered that I wanted to check out some movie trailers.  I watched the trailers for SnowWhite and the Huntsman; Breaking Dawn Part 2; and MIB.

I was curious about new releases on Netflix and then spent an embarrasing long time rating movies (about 300)... :(

I took a nap.

Some time during all of this I pulled the slow cooker out and put all the ingredients into it for a beef stew - YUM!

Before I knew it Allisa was coming through the front door and Aislyn would be home shortly after.

When Aislyn got home I took her to her appointment.  Sat and waited for an hour reading a magazine...

When we were getting ready to leave Aislyn insisted that we stop at Topper's Pizza so that she could get a large salad from the salad bar.  So we did, after we stopped at CHEVRON so that I could get a voltage mountain dew and Aislyn a Dr Pepper.

We get home, the stew is done, Victor and Evan are home...

Victor first asks:  "Where's the pizza?  You went to Topper's, where's the pizza?"

Rebecca:  "I made stew.  Stew is for dinner."

Victor:  "You and Aislyn have salad from Topper's so I should have pizza."

Rebecca:  "You are having stew."

Victor leaves for the gym.

The kids feed the animals, eat dinner and clean the kitchen.

At 6:30 I take Evan and Aislyn to the church for Scripture Mastery.

I come home and log back onto my computer and begin playing a game.

Victor:  "What did you write today?"

Rebecca:  *silence*

This morning our friend John comes over to go to work with Victor.

John:  "So, I hear you are writing.  That's great!  Maybe your books will get published and you will become a millionaire."

Rebecca:  *silence with a smile*

So, what have a done so far?  Well, I found all my beginnings of manuscripts and saved them to my lap top in a folder called manuscripts.  And then I wrote this blog.

So when Victor asks me today what I wrote I can tell him that I practice writing... hopefully... :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! :D

Trillium said...

Hmmm. Looks like you have quite a repetoire of avoidance techniques... or writer's block. You might try beginning your writing day with a prayer. :)